There are many organizations that are willing to hire military officers. However, there are many military personnel who are unemployed. There is an obvious gap somewhere.

The main reason for this gap is many military personnel lack the essential tools to conduct a job search. In their service, many military officers had not attended an interview or written a resume. They need appropriate military transition tools and the guidance to use these tools. Here are some tips to get smart about the military to civilian employment, which can help you make the transition smooth and hassle free.

Find Military-Friendly Employers

You can search for jobs in print and digital media. Pay more attention to companies that use Civilian job news, as their targeted readers are military personnel only. You can take steps to find organizations hosting job fairs and placement firms specializing in military transition employment.

Don’t Limit Yourself While Searching For Jobs

More often, military veterans limit themselves while searching for a job. They think they need to find a job that close to their military jobs. However, it is advisable to avoid limiting yourself unnecessarily. As a military officer, you have developed some valuable skills, like managing a large number people.

You can use these skills to find a right job. List out the careers or types of positions, for which you are suitable. This helps you to narrow the number of companies and industries in which you can work. This also helps you get an idea of what salary range you can expect.

Write A Resume

You have gained a wide range of skills in the military. Don’t overlook them while writing a resume. Careers in the military such as financial management technician and telecommunication technician have skills closely related to civilian careers. You have also developed discipline and leadership skills in the military, which will be valued by civilian employers. Following a standard resume format is important.

You can use resume samples or a resume template as you guide. Many veterans have the difficulty of translating their resumes into language that can be easily understood by civilian employers. Another problem commonly faced by military people is that they do not know to write resumes that provide the hiring managers with sufficient information.