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Since my books celebrate the collective identity of military spouses, I eagerly anticipate this encyclopedia of shared Army experiences, to which I'd add, "I still get shivers during evening Flag Retreat.

- Marna Krajeski, author Household Baggage: The Moving Life of a Military Wife

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There will be times on your journey that no matter what kind of person you are at heart and no matter how hard you try to, that you will NOT like this military life. You'll lose that lovin' feeling. Should you find yourself feeling like this right now, at this very moment, you may need some inspiration as to how to dig yourself out of this state. The answer might be to turn to your battle buddies or your military community.

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Did you know?

Without exception, the CEOs interviewed for the 2006 Korn/Ferry International report The Military and CEOs: Is There a Link? emphasized that the military offers an early opportunity to acquire hands-on leadership experience that cannot be found in the corporate world or at a similarly early stage in civilian careers.