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Every Army wife should have this book within reach for a guaranteed pick-me-up. Inside these pages is a virtual pep rally: 1001 reasons to swell with pride and gratitude for your role and privileges as an Army wife.

- Jocelyn Green, author Faith Deployed

Love Military Life Blog

Well, fans... We've been on the trail for more than two years meeting readers and leading the way as far as spreading the message of "Love Mil Life." There are two things we often ask at each event: "what do you love?" and "what'd we forget?" Do you think we may have missed other things you LOVE about Military Life? Share them with us for a chance to win two copies of 1001 Things to Love About Military Life signed by all four authors.

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Did you know?

If you think your spouse is “the best,” you can nominate him or her as Military Spouse of the Year, an award presented by Military Spouse magazine.